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Carrier Commercial & Applied Products

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Huntair Fanwall Technology

Huntair Fanwall Technology

  • Individual PLC controlled Micro-drives
  • Zero static drag backdraft dampers
  • Incremental HP motors in ½ HP increments
  • Retrofit packages for all AHU’s

US Green Building Council Member


Carrier Commercial Services
Carrier Commercial HVAC Systems

Carrier Commercial & Applied Products Overview

Carrier provides the HVAC industry with the broadest range of market leading products that condition interior environments of commercial, medical, government and public buildings. Carrier commercial systems yield the latest technological advances in electronic controls and air management for individualized temperature and comfort selections. The result: quite, smooth operation and highest possible efficiency under all operating conditions.

Carrier and Griffin serve the commercial markets with comprehensive end-to-end system solutions that deliver peace of mind and higher quality of life. Our pioneering work in electronics and software has led to intelligent systems that integrate and manage a building's HVAC system more easily, efficiently, and reliably than ever before.

When you are looking for a packaged solution that you can depend on from the mechanical equipment, installtion and service point of views, then the Griffin and Carrier team is your answer.

Carrier Products supported:

  • Absorption Chillers
  • Open Drive Centrifugal Chillers
  • Hermetic Centrifugal Chillers
  • Screw Chillers
  • Air and Water Cooled Chillers
  • VAV Boxes
  • Induction Units
  • Moduline Units
  • Condensing Units, sizes above 25 tons
  • Air Handlers, all CHW and D above 25 tons
  • Unit Ventilators
  • Room Fan Coils
  • Rooftop Units over 25 tons
  • Water Cooled Indoor Self-Contained Units
  • Water Source Heat Pumps with aggregate over 25 tons
  • OAU and ERV Units

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